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Updated: SWG on a mission to uncover supply chain savings

[ December 1, 2017   //   ]


SBS Worldwide founder and former DSV director Steve Walker has founded a new company SWG Global which, he says, will offer self-funding technology solutions that will uncover major savings for shippers. It will also give forwarders the tools to fight back against the new breed of so-called ‘Silicon Valley’ forwarders that purport to offer a similar service as traditional freight operators.

The new venture will offer forwarders and shippers tender management, freight audit, an electronic fourth party logistics (4PL) service and management of carbon footprint and emissions.

Walker, who founded Kent-based SBS Worldwide in the early 1980s, which developed into a major operator in the publishing forwarding sector before being sold to DSV in 2013, believes that traditional forwarders can compete with Silicon Valley operators by acquiring IT and software solutions that would allow them to offer a competitive service. As they already have made the investment in physical infrastructure such as warehousing, this could actually put them in a strong position compared with their competitors, especially if they can also offer services such as automated invoice reconciliation and correcting historic errors. Adding software from IT specialists to existing systems such as transport management systems can be much more effective than forwarders trying to build complete track and trace systems from scratch, many of which have turned into costly failures, Walker argues.

SWG has been talking to a number of software suppliers, he added. “There are a lot of very good companies with dynamic software that can be ‘bolted on’ to existing systems,” he states.

He describes the new venture as aimed “first and foremost freight forwarders, importers and experts in project management…using accumulated decades of experience to scope our clients’ situation and work closely with the selected vendor to deliver optimum, self-funding solutions.”

Walker adds: “As a forwarder I recognise the challenge they face with digitisation which is why SWG Global has created unique e4PL solutions that get more value from their legacy systems while delivering exceptional reporting and control for their customers.”

Forwarders hold a huge amount of supply chain data, and they should be using this to win business, Walker says. They can also take on a freight auditing role on behalf of their customers.

SWG, he says, offers: “A completely new operating model that creates an environment where the forwarder can benefit from recurring revenues with agreed profit margins – leaving them free to gain new business on their core trade lanes.”

Joining Walker at SWG is former publishing executive Maureen Connors, who says that SBS had helped her realise major savings for her company during her previous role.