Freight News

Exis launches Hazchack portal

Exis Technologies has launched Hazcheck Inspections, a web-based database and access portal for inspection companies to plan and enter details of cargo inspections completed on behalf of container or vessel operators. Developed with the help of US-based safety organisation National Cargo Bureau and Port Supervisor Rotterdam, it allows container or vessel operators to view or download inspection results and/or analytics securely. Operators have the option to send cargo details to ... [+]

U-Freight going places in Poland

Polish U-Freight agent RGW Express has moved to a larger facility in Warsaw. It offers warehouse space of 700sq m, with two docks, one of which has a hydraulic ramp, and one ground level gate. Office space has increased by 100sq m to 360sq m. ... [+]

Xeneta: 45 million and counting

Ocean freight benchmarking and market intelligence platform Xeneta now has 45 million data points from a community of over 700 leading businesses, covering more than 160,000 port to port pairings, says the Oslo-headquartered company. Chief executive Patrik Berglund says it has added over two million long-term ... [+]

UK lifts Bangladesh airfreight ban

The UK Government lifted ban on air cargo on direct flights from Dhaka today (19 February). It said it followed ongoing cooperation with the Bangladesh government on aviation security at Dhaka International Airport. The government also said it would continue to work with the country ... [+]

Port health could be major threat to post-Brexit supply chain

The British Ports Association (BPA) has warned that without agreements on cross-border environmental health standards there could be major disruption at UK and EU ports. It follows publication of the Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee report on ‘Brexit: Trade in Food’ on 18 February ... [+]

Belfast reaches record despite economic storms

Trade through Belfast increased to a record 23.7m tonnes, up by 600,000 tonnes or 3% on the previous year, the port said in an announcement on 19 February. The port said that the increase came despite the low level of growth in the local economy, significant ... [+]

Stena upgrades Holyhead as freight booms

Stena Line Ports says it is investing more than £4m in upgrades to improve infrastructure at Holyhead to cope with record volumes of freight. The upgrades will include the creation of additional freight space and refurbishment to the Terminal 3 ramp. Work starts today and will ... [+]

BIFA boss hits out at third runway inaction

BIFA director Robert Keen said he shared the frustration of National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) chairman Sir John Armitt at the lack of progress on a third runway at Heathrow and agreed that the government needs to deliver on its promise of making a decision runway ... [+]

Schiphol is Seko’s second-largest site

Seko Logistics has opened its second largest operation in Europe at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Logistics Park. The new 80,000 facility doubles the size of SEKO’s previous locations in Amsterdam and brings its entire service offering under one roof. It provides a further distribution channel into Europe ... [+]

Truck platoons go live

DB Schenker, MAN Truck & Bus and Hochschule Fresenius said they were deploying networked (platooned) trucks for the first time in a practical application after the truck maker handed over the test vehicles for the joint platooning project to DB Schenker at its headquarters in ... [+]