COVID-19 Noticeboard

A very supportive freight firm

Kerry Logistics Network has donated its services to deliver 5,000 pairs of compression socks, from Glasgow-based online travel retailer Trtl to frontline health professionals across Scotland. Kerry Logistics distributed the socks to National Health Service (NHS) hospitals in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Dundee last week, with 5,000 more planned for delivery in London in the next seven days,  The 10,000 compression socks, worth £250,000 and originally for passengers on long haul flights, ... [+]

China returns to full throttle

Hong Kong-based freight forwarder and logistics group U-Freight says its operations around the world are working “as normally as possible” given the circumstances. And it is seeking innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of managing supply chains hit by the virus. Whilst there have been air ... [+]

Getting help to where it’s needed

Urgent medical equipment for healthcare workers and coronavirus patients is continuing to arrive in Germany from all over the world, with Frankfurt Cargo Services (FCS) ensuring immediate processing of all incoming shipments to expedite their delivery to frontline medical teams. In the past few days, FCS ... [+]

Road haulage pleas go unheeded

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) is complaining that its global call for immediate and concerted action by governments and organisations to ensure that goods keep moving have largely gone unanswered. IRU secretary general, Umberto de Pretto, said: “We are extremely concerned about the lack of ... [+]

Chapman Freeborn keeps vital cargo moving

Charter broker Chapman Freeborn said in late March that it had has experienced a surge in cargo requests for humanitarian cargo and medical supplies from China into Europe and Africa. It came after an extremely busy week of EU-US rotations to counter the demand created ... [+]

P&O stops Dover-Calais passenger service

P&O Ferries has stopped carrying passengers on its Dover-Calais route and will reprioritise its efforts on freight. Some 1,100 staff working in passenger services will be furloughed under the Government’s pay scheme. The Government will cover 80% of their salary and the company will cover ... [+]

Turkish Cargo maintains the air bridge built by Turkish Airlines

As the global repercussions of the unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19 outbreak continues, Turkish Cargo, the global brand with the world’s sixth largest cargo capacity, has started to operate cargo flights with Turkish Airlines’ passenger aircrafts in addition to its flights with 25 high capacity ... [+]

Lufthansa uses every last inch of space

The first Lufthansa passenger aircraft operated in freighter mode landed at Frankfurt Airport from China on 25 March. The Airbus A330 was loaded with around 30 tons of freight, using not only the bellyhold capacity but stowage compartments above the seats. The load included masks ... [+]

Airline red tape thwarts relief efforts

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) warns that cargo flights filled with life-saving medical supplies and equipment have been grounded due to cumbersome and bureaucratic processes to secure slots and operating permits. It has renewed its call to governments to take urgent measures to ensure that ... [+]

Unreasonable rates? Your forwarder can help, says Millennium Cargo chief

Seeking the advice of an independent freight forwarder will give traders the best possible chance to get their goods moving, says managing director of Millennium Cargo, Chadd Blunt. Disruptions such as employee self-isolation, quarantine of ships, port closures and strict travel restrictions have resulted in serious ... [+]