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We won’t go P&O says Ital Logistics – updated

[ March 23, 2022   //   ]

Manchester-based Ital Logistics will not to use the services of P&O Ferries directly until further notice and is also requesting that its international hauliers refrain from using the operator’s services “unless borne out of absolute necessity”.

It follows the summary sacking of 800 seafarers by the Dubai-based DP World-owned company.

Ital managing director Phil Denton said: “The recent treatment of employees by P&O Ferries is, from our perspective, nothing short of despicable. Their website champions ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, and purports to ‘inspire our people…’ inferring an ethos of ‘investing in people’.

“Whilst they may have valid financial reasons to support their actions, how they have handled this leaves a lot to be desired. I am of the opinion that had a smaller company acted in such a manner, it would not be tolerated, so why should it be tolerated when the company concerned is of such magnitude?”

He adds: “Corporate social responsibility seems to be on many companies’ radars at present; environmental impact, responsibility, ethics, salaries, treatment of employees, modern slavery and so forth. Forgive me though: Is this just another box to tick, to be seen as caring? Evidently so.”

He concluded: “By taking this stance, we appreciate that there may be some movements that could be difficult to undertake, such as freight-ship only dangerous goods movements, at least until we find workable alternatives. We are confident that customers, suppliers and partners will be supportive of our initiative, and that despite this boycott, we will continue to provide our services with honesty and integrity, and always to the very best of our abilities.”

John Keefe, director of public affairs at Eurotunnel operator, Getlink, said that some freight customers are looking to travel with the tunnel to avoid the queues at the ports on both sides, adding: “We are able to take them outside peak times, but have to protect crossings for our existing customers first.”

Passenger traffic is relatively quiet in between holidays, but has seen some transfer of demand. The main difference is the increase in forward bookings for passengers over Easter and for the summer.

(The editor would be interested to learn of any other operators also planning to boycott P&O Ferries – please contact the editor at