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3T Logistics launches customs clearance service

[ March 18, 2021   //   ]

Transport management technology vendor, 3T Logistics and Technology Group – has launched a new customs clearance service to support traders following the UK’s departure from the EU. 

It offers in-house customs clearance expertise, automated transfer of information, a single point of contact  and generates fully auditable and reportable data.

Chief executive, Tim Fawkes, said: “Our new Customs Clearance service has proved its credentials and has already been shown to be beneficial in dealing with delays to goods travelling between the UK and mainland Europe. It can eradicate paperwork issues using technology that is available in real time and works across the whole region. The solution is simple and effective and available to everyone working in the UK and Europe.” 

The dedicated service was designed in-house by 3T Logistics and Technology Group for its own clients, leading to calls for it to be made available to the wider market.

Picture: Shuttlestock