Chaos and confusion are recipe for theft, warns insurer

Transport insurer TT Club says that a more systemic approach to warehousing could reduce freight thefts. It says that analysis of past claims shows that risks to goods where warehouses are confused and disorganised and that inventory management should be paramount. TT’s Josh Finch said: “Inventory management often runs quietly in the background until something goes wrong. Small issues can quickly turn into large and costly errors if they are not ... [+]

Röhlig offers all-in-one solution

Röhlig Logistics is offering a Röhlig Insights all-in-one reporting solution for air, sea and road shipments. It comes with a set of pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and shipments can be tracked across milestones and filtered by a variety of parameters, including type, consignee or ... [+]

Single platform solution from BlueBox

Germany’s BlueBox Systems has combined features of its existing BlueBoxAir and BlueBoxOcean products into a new service, BlueBoxCargo that it says real-time tracking capabilities on a single platform. It follows collaboration with freight forwarders such as Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and technology partners such as Vizion, ... [+]

Pledge offers emissions tracking in Canada and Australia

Software firm Pledge has is to support members of the Canadian International Freight Forwarder Association (CIFFA) and Australia’s Freight and Trade Alliance (FTA) with its sustainability expertise. Both associations have embedded the Pledge Freight Emissions Calculator into their websites, allowing members the chance to trial its ... [+]

Air France KLM, Skycell and KN get together to track ULDs

Air France KLM Martinair Cargo (AFKLMP Cargo) has chosen SkyCell as its preferred partner to enhance unit load device (ULD) tracking capabilities across its fleet. It will give real-time visibility into ULD operations for pharmaceutical transport, using SkyMind’s advanced technology, including sophisticated readers and tags. At the ... [+]

ASM helps trade prepare for Customs onslaught

Freight software firm ASM says it is offering additional support to help companies prepare for a fresh wave of Customs rules dealing with post-Brexit trade. In addition to adapting to HMRC’s new Customs Declaration Service (CDS), the final cutover for which is 4 June, traders will ... [+]

Freight software firm sold to three-forwarder consortium

Three UK forwarders have formed a joint venture and bought freight software specialist Forward Computers. Cardinal Partnership, Davies Turner and Woodland Group have created a holdings company and purchased UK-based freight software company Forward Computers from the Freight Software Group. Forward Computers, which trades as Forward ... [+]

SriLankan on CargoAi

SriLankan Cargo services are now available on the CargoAi platform. It gives users access to online booking and instant cross-border payment capabilities and offers payment methods, including local transfers to credit card payments. CargoAi’s CargoWallet platform also helps automate the reconciliation process. The integration also ... [+]

Sennder appoints product and tech chiefs

Sennder has appointed David Vismans as chief product officer and Kollen Glynn as chief technology officer. In their new roles, David Vismans and Kollen Glynn will work closely together to enhance the digital road freight forwarder’s product features and improve the overall digital platform usability ... [+]

Autonomous trucks make their mark in China

Inceptio Technology says that that heavy-duty trucks powered by its Autonomous Driving System and its Truck Navigate-on-Autopilot have now travelled more than 100 million kilometers in safe commercial operations in China. Inceptio’s Autonomous Driving System covers 83% of China’s national highways connecting seven major economic zones. ... [+]