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Succour for the weary trucker

[ November 20, 2013   //   ]

A New Truck Parking App for Europe aims to end truck drivers’ daily struggle to find a place to stop. German-based transport software specialist PTV Group, is offering a free web-based search application that is free of charge giving over 10,000 parking options along the main roads in Europe. Users can also rate truck parking facilities.

PTV says that, unlike navigation systems which also show parking spaces, its application was specifically designed to support commercial vehicle traffic and therefore shows truck parking locations only.

The app can be downloaded free and is available for iOS devices. The app for Android will follow in December 2013. It will be available in eight languages – English, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Italian and Spanish.

Those who want to post a comment or add information can register by using their individual Facebook, GooglePlus or Twitter access data, helping to actively shape the truck parking environment.

With spaces available for trucks still scarce, despite efforts by some Brussels politicians to increase the number, Truck Parking Europe can also provide information on spaces off the main roads, displaying them on a digital map.

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