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A fresh angle on heavy load transport

[ March 17, 2014   //   ]

Street furniture in St Helens had to be dismantled recently to get two massive seven-metre diameter, 7.5 tonne flanges from Lancashire to Hartlepool recently. It also required all the expertise and knowledge of WWL ALS UK International’s operations team in Hull. The loads were so wide that they had to be loaded at an angle in a tilt frame to reduce their width to 6 metres. The heavy load transport speciaslist’s in house permit and escort team carried out the route surveys on the UK’s west and east coast at the collection point and delivery destination and a WWL ALS team accompanied the cargo.

WWL ALS is also involved in a series of port operations for wind farms for Nordex via the Humber Ports (pictured below). These include four wind farm projects completed for Seven Trent and the ongoing Todmorden wind farms project. A total of nine wind turbines with blades up to 48.8 metres long are being moved by sea and road.

Nordex resized