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A Testament to ABP expertise

[ November 18, 2019   //   ]

Last seen perched on top of Mount Ararat a few millennia ago, Noah’s Ark has made a visit to ABP’s Port of Ipswich. The wooden vessel is in remarkably good condition, especially for one that is tens of thousands of years old, a fact possibly explained by the fact that the latest incarnation is the brainchild of Dutch TV and theatre producer, Sir Aad Peters, whose ambition is to create a floating Biblical theme park in Europe.

The Ark will be at Ipswich’s Haven Marina for three months as the first UK stop of a longer tour. Visitors will be able to learn more about David and Goliath, King Solomon, Adam and Eve and other legends of the Old and New Testaments. The Ark is not linked to any Church or religious group and is described as a family-friendly experience.

However, there’s no trusting to Providence in the world of modern shipping. ABP Divisional Port Manager – East Coast, Paul Ager, said: “This is an enormous vessel which was expertly handled by our skilled people, with little or no margin for error. This is another example of our people’s expertise, to routinely handle any challenge, flexibly and safely.”

A replica of Noah’s Ark in the lock at ABP’s Port of Ipswich, on 09 November 2019.
Picture: Stephen Waller / ABP Ipswich