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A victory against the virus

[ July 13, 2020   //   ]

Ipswich-based Thames Sailing Barge Victor, based outside ABP’s Ipswich office at the Old Custom House went for a shakedown sail on the River Orwell in July. Not normally something to remark on – in a normal year, she would make over 100 trips from the Waterfront – but has not sailed since March due to the Covid crisis. In a normal year, Victor and her fellow fleet members would carry more than 13,600 passengers from Ipswich. 

But with lockdown now easing, Skipper ‘Wes’ Dave Westwood is delighted to be back under sail and is looking forward to getting back to normal, with cream teas and evening cruises in the coming months, with necessary social distancing measure in place. 

Tickets can be booked via the Ipswich Tourist Information Centre –

Thames Sail Barge Victor pictured at ABP’s Port of Ipswich. Picture: Stephen Waller/ABP