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ABP apprentices gain their (water) wings

[ December 15, 2015   //   ]

The first group of Associated British Ports (ABP) marine apprentices have completed the main academic element of their training, graduating from South Tyneside Marine School with a Professional Diploma in Shipping and Maritime Studies. They are now starting the fourth and final year of their apprenticeships working in the Humber ports.
ABP and South Shields Marine School created the Higher National Diploma-level qualification as part of the UK’s first Marine Operations Apprenticeship Scheme and 13 ABP apprentices have joined the course since 2012.
The apprenticeship scheme was developed to ensure that non-sea going students will have sufficient marine knowledge for key roles controlling shipping movements at some of the country’s busiest ports.
The group now have the knowledge to progress, with steady and continuous professional development, to become ABP’s future Dock and Harbour Masters.
Not only did the team graduate with flying colours, but Keeta Rowlands received a special award for gaining the highest marks in the diploma.