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AEO for Glasgow agent

[ July 17, 2017   //   ]

Glasgow-based KC Group Shipping has been awarded Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status to help its clients deal with the consequences of Brexit.

The company plans, manages and delivers logistics for sectors including contract, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, foodservice and automotive.

As well as gaining AEO status, KC Shipping’s team is already working with clients to prepare plans on both ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ Brexit scenarios and is providing them with the option to out-source all customs paperwork and formalities in preparation for leaving the EU.

David Milne, KC Shipping managing director, said: “The transparency and the security and quality criteria that AEO status demonstrates will be vitally important in the post-Brexit world as we look to continue trading with our former EU partners, and with the rest of the world, in as effortless a manner as possible”

He points out that clients that do not work with an AEO accredited organisation, and use a customs special procedure such as a bonded warehouse, inward and outward processing or end use, need to hold a mandatory financial guarantee for shipping consignments.