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Air is safest but we’ll stick to sea, say shippers

[ August 1, 2013   //   ]

Over half of British exporters think that air freight’ is the safest way to ship their goods abroad, although the majority of them still use seafreight, according to a new study. The poll by delivery service comparison website quizzed 1,135 managers from companies based around the UK. Some 41% of representatives claimed to have used sea freight whilst air freight was the second most popular option with 35% of the vote. Road haulage was cited by 24%.

Asked which shipping methods they considered to be the safest for their goods, air freight was named by 51% of British companies as the safest shipping option, beating ‘sea freight’ to second place with just over a third, 35% of the vote

Just over two fifths of the respondents, 43%, claimed to consider air freight the safest option as it was a ‘faster’ means of shipping abroad; whilst a quarter, 24%, admitted that they considered this method safer because of the multiple ‘security checks’ required.

Just over a fifth, 22%, explained that air freight was attractive as it was less likely to suffer delivery delays, when compared to other options.

When respondents were asked how they had found a shipping company in order to send their goods abroad, the majority of respondents, 36%, claimed to have done ‘research’ online; whilst a further 27% admitted to asking other companies for advice. Just one in five, 20%, of the respondents taking part claimed to have done comparative research in order to see if they were getting the best rates when shipping overseas.