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Airfreight revenues surge in April

[ May 13, 2020   //   ]

In the midst of aviation’s biggest crisis, worldwide air cargo revenues actually went up in April, by 36% year on year and by 26% month on month, says industry analyst WorldACD in its latest report. But in remains to be seen for how long the increase can be sustained.

Chargeable weight carried by air decreased by 31.7% worldwide in April  compared with April 2019  and by 22.8% compared with March 2020 but yields went up very sharply, by 63% month on month and by 99% year on year.

Express business fared better than regular cargo, particularly from Asia Pacific where it was up 21% month on month.

WorldACD added that freighter-only operators “had a field day in April”. Wight of cargo carried was only slightly less than in March, but revenue grew by 29%. Interestingly, airlines with a mixed fleet, managed to raise their unit prices by much more (+71% month on month), and they were in turn outdone by the passenger airlines (+95%). But the ‘mixed’ airlines lost a quarter of the volumes they carried one month earlier and the passenger airlines half.

The worldwide load factor increased by 9 percentage points. As the number of flights with passenger aircraft dropped by 75%, their combined cargo load factor increased by 12 percentage points.