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Airfreight shippers take to the roads

[ May 29, 2020   //   ]

DSV says that its road service from Eastern China to Western Europe has gained in popularity during the corona crisis and is a viable alternative to air, sea and rail.

With over 90% of passenger planes grounded, air cargo capacity was slashed and soaring prices for remaining capacity, transit time for air freight from Shanghai, China to Western Europe is still around eight days, although last month it was up to 14 days. The road option with transit time of 15-17 for the 5,300 mile distance is an attractive alternative says DSV.

It is considerably less expensive than air freight and offers flexible departure times for full and part truck loads for all types of cargo, including hazardous materials as FTL.

DSV adds that its trucks stop only at secured parking lots and GPS is fitted to trucks loaded in its facilities.

The distance from Shanghai in China to Hamburg in Germany is 8,500 kilometres equivalent to 5,300 miles.