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Airlift plugs the gap for cargo-partner

[ July 28, 2021   //   ]

Austrian-based forwarding and logistics company cargo-partner has expanded its air charter offering to Europe and the US in response to the tight market situation in sea and overland transport.

It has extended its scheduled charter services between Asia and Europe until the end of the yearand has also introduced weekly charter flights from Frankfurt to Zhengzhou and back.

Cargo-partner has been offering regular charter services from Hong Kong to Budapest with two departures per week since spring 2020 (one per week during the summer months).

It has also launched a weekly part-load charter program from Vienna to Chicago O’Hare International Airport in response to customer demand. Vienna Airport serves as an ideal hub for Central and Eastern Europe, with Chicago a strategic point the US Midwest.

Since the spring, cargo-partner has also been offering a new groupage service with weekly departures from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Munich, Frankfurt and Vienna, including pickup from any location in Vietnam and delivery to the final destination in Europe.

The cargo-partner team in Slovakia also recently organized two successful emergency charters from northeast China to Slovakia for an automotive customer. The Czech branch has handled several important medical shipments including the transport of 5.5 million antigen tests.