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All-electric FIATA bill of lading available

[ August 6, 2014   //   ]

Electronic trade firm essDOCS has launched an all-electronic version of the FIATA bill of lading (BL) powered by its CargoDocs trade facilitation solution, following several rounds of testing with members of the forwarder’s association.
The software company says its solution is tailor-designed to specifically cater to the demands and needs of the freight forwarding industry, enabling them to completely digitise current paper processes involving FIATA BLs and supporting documentation. FIATA director general Marco Sorgetti, described it as “as close as you can get to plug-and-play in dealing with transport documents.”
It works through the CargoDocs web-based solution enabling electronic FIATA Bills of Lading (eFBLs) to be drafted online, before the FIATA member signs and issues them electronically. All actions are handled by the same parties that would handle paper FIATA BLs. Exporters can supplement the eFBL with supporting eDocs (commercial invoice, packing list and so forth), which are instantly transferred within essDOCS’ secure online exchange to importers or their banks, who treat the eFBL as the legal equivalent to paper BLs under letter of credit transactions. The eFBL is then surrendered to the agent at destination electronically, eliminating any need to courier or hand-carry documents between parties.


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