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Allport joint venture to offer many happy returns

[ January 13, 2017   //   ]

Allport Cargo Services and TIC Reverse Logistics have joined forces to create – ACS Reverse Logistics for UK retailers and online stores. The joint venture will use proprietary technology to deliver reverse logistics solutions. Allport has developed a strong relationship with Australian-based TIC which has been at the forefront of creating downstream opportunities and industries for products otherwise destined for landfill. It gives retailers with control and intelligence on store returns, recall products, damaged stock, sale and consignment merchandise.

Allport’s vice president of group sales and marketing, Clyde Buntrock, commented: “Reverse logistics is a major issue affecting retailers. It’s vital to minimise freight and logistics costs, response times, administration and environmental impact. Importantly, consumers are increasingly demanding pain-free returns solutions and retailers risk losing competitive advantage if they offer a poor returns experience. Our new joint venture will integrate logistics and customer services to make the process seamless.”

TIC managing director, Adam Joel, added: “It is well documented that the way a customer experience ends has a disproportionate impact on how customers remember the experience. To be able to deliver true end-to-end logistics it’s important to constantly challenge what people are doing to mitigate returns. There are many synergies between ACS and TIC: both companies are privately owned, build customer-centric solutions, and invest in innovation and value-add activities to deliver industry solutions to industry problems.”

The new company will provide the Solvup software toolfor handling returned products at store counter, online or via phone, a centralised returns centre, an asset recovery service and collection of used electronic article surveillance tags.

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