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ALS ships piling machines on large roro vessel to India

[ February 14, 2011   //   ]

ALS (Freight Management Nederland) BV, Moerdijk and ALS Belgie bvba, Antwerp has successfully shipped 3 large hydraulic foundation machines from Belgium to India.

Each machine’s dimensions were 24 metres in length, 3.50 metres wide and a staggering 3.50 meters high and weighed 68 and 79 tonnes.

The 3 machines together with 3 mafi trailers containing loose equipment were organised by ALS Moerdijk and shipped from Belgium by one of the largest roro vessels (6645 CUE) to India. (The largest  being 8011 CEU).

In addition the remaining auxiliary equipment was shipped in 11 x 40′ Open Top containers, arranged via ALS’ container specialists in Antwerp.

The machines will be used in the development of India’s Paradip port area to drill thousands of foundation piles for a large refinery.

In India the machines and equipment were transported from the port over 1,600 kilometers to their final destination.

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