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AMI hits 40

[ November 14, 2016   //   ]

AMI – the world’s largest airfreight and express wholesaler – celebrates its 40th birthday this month. Originally launched as part of the Air Marketing International group in 1976, the company split away in 1978 under founder and managing director Tony Realff.

Today the company owns operations in 27 locations.

Sharon Wright, AMI’s vice-president – Europe, is the company’s longest-serving employee, having started working for it just months after its launch.  She says: “We realised long ago that our job is to keep the smaller agent in the game, by making them more efficient and agile. That means, for example, being able to take over responsibility for collections and deliveries, providing centralised drop-off points and security screening away from congested airport terminals, giving faster and all-inclusive quotes, and making bookings easier. We can now provide all the physical support agents need, so they can focus on winning business and taking care of their customers.”