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AMI Manchester thinks local

[ March 19, 2014   //   ]

Airfreight and express wholesaler AMI says that its policy of supporting  local departures whenever possible has boosted its direct exports via Manchester Airport to 75% of its total from the area. It also achieved later cut-offs and saved 100,000 truck miles per year.

It says that it is common practice in the industry to send cargo 200 miles south to London Heathrow.

AMI’s Manchester branch covers the entire northern half of England, along with Scotland, and generates 25% of the company’s total UK cargo bookings. AMI Manchester also operates 81 consolidations per week on 14 airlines flying from Manchester airport.

Recently-appointed regional manager for northern England, Samantha Leaper said: “We’re proud to support our local airport, and doing so also makes good business sense. Using flights from Manchester, we are providing the northern and Scottish agent communities, and the exporters who are their customers, with more direct routeings, later close-outs and keener rates.”

For the 25% of shipments which it cannot yet accommodate on direct Manchester departures, AMI continues to provide trucking services from its receiving centres in Liverpool, Belfast, Leeds, Hull and Sheffield into its Manchester terminal, which then connect with nightly express trunk services to London. From mid-March, close-outs for the Manchester-Heathrow service are extended to 21:00.

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