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And he drives the fastest Tuk Tuk in the East

[ May 1, 2019   //   ]

Managing director of Essex forwarder Barrington Freight Matt Everard and his cousin Russell Shearman are aiming for a place in the world speed record books this May. But not for them some super-powered sports or racing car but what they hope will the world’s fastest Tuk Tuk.

The Tuk Tuk, for those unfamiliar with the cities of the Indian subcontinent and Far East, is a very basic taxicab, normally to be found puttering around the streets of Bangkok or Delhi at 20mph or so – alarming enough in rush-hour traffic.

However – and this is the really scary bit – Matt has rebuilt one with a 1300cc fuel-injected engine, which he says should be good for 90mph, or possibly even a ton.

The record currently stands at 68mph for a Tuk Tuk with a driver and passenger – hence cousin Russell’s participation – and the attempt will be made on 13 May at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire.

It is being run by motor sport firm Straightliners who will be familiar as the organisers of events including the Fastest Shed in the World, Shopping Trolley Flushing Toilet.

Matt and Russell are raising money for Havens Hospices in Essex: