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Aramex trucks beat Red Sea blockade

[ February 27, 2024   //   ]

Aramex is operating sea/road services using its own trucks to beat the blockade on shipping through the Red Sea.

The forwarder is running trucks from Asia via Dubai, and Dammam, Saudi Arabia to connect with shipping services and from Europe to Port Said, Egypt, avoiding transiting Iraq and Iran due to safety reasons.

National freight manager at Aramex UK, Haissam Badr, said that  businesses need to make strategic moves to enhance agility and resilience while preparing for uncertain futures.

He said the Rea Sea crisis comes at a time where emphasis on supply chain resilience has prominent – shifting away from a modus operandi that prioritised low costs and optimisation.

Companies faced with the challenge of establishing new supply chain strategies in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic have once again been forced to quickly adjust their approach. The Red Sea troubles have resulted in significant stock delivery delays for retailers, while the cost of container shipping still remains well above normal levels.

He added: “Businesses need to adapt their logistics strategies by proactively managing and preparing for what has become an increasingly volatile marketplace, rather than simply undertaking a reactive approach to issues as and when they occur. One way in which they can do this is secure the services of an experienced global logistics partner.”