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Asia on the up, says new report

[ October 2, 2014   //   ]

Asia-Pacific is expected to account for over one-third of global contract logistics activity by 2017. according to a new report by consultants Transport Intelligence (Ti).

The region is now more than just a major export region and now offers a variety of opportunities for shippers and logistics providers.

While China remains the focal point for much of the region’s logistics activities, infrastructure projects – port and airport expansion, road and rail extension and modernized warehousing – are on the rise in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and ,Myanmar. In addition, these projects are also linking to neighboring countries and ultimately to China to create a unique but intricate supply chain

The region still remains a vital export region but dependence on Europe and the US is loosening as it looks to other regions such as Africa, the Middle East and South America to expand relations. However, Europe and the US remain important trade partners

Meanwhile the ASEAN Economic Community will result in a single economic entity in 2015 and trade pacts such as the potential Trans-Pacific-Partnership and free trade agreements with individual countries will influence the global and regional trade balance.