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Atlanta opens first airfreight community system in US

[ January 14, 2020   //   ]

PayCargo has collaborated with Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Kale Logistics Solutions to set up the first air cargo community system (ACCS) in the US.
It gives shippers, airlines, trucking companies, customs brokers, freight forwarders and cargo handlers visibility of the payment status, eliminating delays or unproductive truck trips to pick-up shipments at one of the country’s busiest air gateways.
PayCargo president and chief executive of the Americas, Lionel van der Walt, explained: “In Europe they have been leading the way, but this approach has only been established here for the first time in the US. This is just the start, as other airports in the US are also talking about setting up air cargo communities. It is something that is really needed by the airports to drive future growth.”
Kale is also working with Microsoft to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into the ACCS, enabling it to handle complex scenarios at the airport or elsewhere in the supply chain.
Donna Mullins, president and chief executive of Mullins International Solutions, the senior consultant to Kale in the initiative, said more than 20 stakeholders had joined the ACCS, including ground handlers, freight forwarders, airlines and trucking companies.
She added: “The ground handler Swissport has said to me that it has been beneficial to them as they know what is being picked up and what cargo is coming in and they have started pre-pooling air waybills.”