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Autonomous trucks make their mark in China

[ May 15, 2024   //   ]

Inceptio Technology says that that heavy-duty trucks powered by its Autonomous Driving System and its Truck Navigate-on-Autopilot have now travelled more than 100 million kilometers in safe commercial operations in China.

Inceptio’s Autonomous Driving System covers 83% of China’s national highways connecting seven major economic zones. A total of 1,864 drivers safely used Inceptio-powered trucks in daily operation.

Current customers include all the top logistics companies in China such as ZTO Express, YTO Express, STO Express, JD Logistics and SF Express. Inceptio has also established an extensive footprint in contract logistics.

Many routes in China are over 500km long and two drivers are commonly assigned to each traditional truck. Inceptio says its solution makes driving much less physically and mentally exhausting as it handles more than 90% of the journey and express delivery companies have been able to significantly reduce the number of drivers per truck as a result.