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Back to the future in post-Brexit Britain

[ February 9, 2021   //   ]

The International Transport Union (IRU) has used a  shipment of essential medical supplies  from Poland to the UK by truck to demonstrate the TIR customs bonding and guarantee system as a solution for post- Brexit transport.

It says that TIR can help avoid paperwork problems, delays and a shortage of customs brokers and transit guarantees by combining a customs declaration and guarantee in one document, the TIR carnet, which has operated in the UK, Europe and beyond for more than 70 years.

The Polish Association of International Road Transporters (ZMPD) and transport operator Sachs Trans organised the shipment of high-value goods in a sealed with a TIR carnet in the cabin and a blue TIR plate on the back of the trailer. He arrived in Ashford, UK, after speeding through customs.

While some see TIR as “back to the future”, transport operators are now returning to the system to smooth transport across the new customs border, says IRU.