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Belfast Harbour first to go 5G

[ October 27, 2020   //   ]

BT and Belfast Harbour have announced a partnership to build a 5G system, the first within a UK or Irish port. It will achieve the highest levels of ultrafast mobile connectivity, coverage, reliability and security across the main operational and is expected to go live across large parts of the 2,000-acre site early next year. 

The partnership will also explore how 5G and other emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things  and Connected Autonomous Vehicles can be used together to enhance safety, security and address climate change across the port and other parts of Belfast City.

For example, 5G remote controlled inspection technology could reduce the need for staff to work at height while sensors could monitor air quality and other environmental factors.

The partnership follows a trial of 5G technology last year.

(L-R) Paul Murnaghan, regional director for BT’s Enterprise division in Northern Ireland and Joe O’Neill, chief executive of Belfast Harbour with 5G remote controlled inspection technology, which will improve productivity and safety measures by reducing the need for staff to work at height.