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Beware the switch-bitch, warns BIFA

[ February 25, 2019   //   ]

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) is warning forwarders not to switch bills of lading without being fully aware of potential liabilities.
Issuers, carriers or the carrier’s agents can be asked to issue a second set of bills of landing in substitution for the original documents issued at the time of shipment, often occur at a port other than the load port and subsequent to initial loading.
Although often legitimate, BIFA says it is often used to conceal the identity of the supplier and the end-user from each other.
BIFA says that it is extremely important that all originals of the first bills of lading are collected and cancelled before the replacement set is produced and issued – otherwise, there is a risk of competing claims from two consignees, each holding a technically valid bill of lading.