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B&H brings its expertise to bear on customs compliance

[ May 28, 2015   //   ]

Specialist logistics provider B&H Worldwide has set up a new customs compliance division in the UK. Based at the company’s London Heathrow headquarters a new team will provide consultancy services on both general Customs compliance and implementation procedures as well as offering advice on specific projects or shipments.
B&H Worldwide’s regional director, Doug Coull said there had been an increase in customers asking for specialist advice on customs compliance matters who were seeking to review their existing regimes to see if they are doing things in the most appropriate, up-to-date and effective way.
The new division, he said, “will enable us to fully examine the customer’s current practices, review the options they have and then make recommendations based on their requirements which will ensure their operation is both compliant and efficient. By using the division’s services our experts can then concentrate on core business in the full knowledge that the customer is fully compliant” he adds.”
The new division is headed by Stuart Williams as UK compliance manage, who will be responsible for the company’s work on behalf of its customers and its own approvals and authorisation processes across the UK. He has 29 years’ experience working in the customs environment and will resolve any non-conformance issues, implement corrective measures and then monitor, maintain and implement any new processes arising. In addition he will set up new approvals and authorisations for customers in the aerospace industry and analyse and audit their trade compliance requirements.”Although the division is initially only operating in the UK, feedback suggests there is already demand for similar services in the US and Australia.