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Biggest ever ship for Great Yarmouth

[ July 1, 2016   //   ]

The biggest vessel ever to berth at Great Yarmouth in June also marked the start of a diversirfication process for the port, acquired by Peel Ports six months ago. The 64,000-tonne Glovis Spendor was carrying a cargo of 3,300 Hyundai cars for UK car dealerships. They were offloaded to dedicated port-side storage facilities for further distribution.

Previously the largest vessel handled by the port was the bulk cargo vessel ISOLDA, weighing in at 21,000 tonnes, which arrived in port on 14 March to load grain for Gleadell Agriculture.

Around £5 million of investment has also gone into the port’s renewable energy handling capabilities, resulting in contracts for the Galloper and ScottishPower Renewables East Anglia One wind farms located off the UK’s east coast.

Port director Richard Goffin, said: “This has been a week of firsts for us at Great Yarmouth. Not only have we welcomed the largest ship ever but it is also the first time we have seen new vehicles handled at the port.

“Following the acquisition, we have been able to highlight the benefits that Great Yarmouth can offer to customers and, with the support of a wider Group, provide and attract inward investment that will enhance and transform our operations and facilities.”

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