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Blockchain speeds Rotterdam’s UK exports

[ December 16, 2021   //   ]

A new Quay Connect service is available on the Naviporta logistics blockchain platform to smooth exports from Europe to the UK, says the Port of Rotterdam.

It automatically exchanges information with the customs authorities at ports in the UK and will save at least 30% of the cost of each customs clearance, it says adding that, since Brexit, the process has become a lot more complicated and time-consuming.

Quay Connect was initiated by Blocklab and developed in collaboration with Azarc and British Telecom. This digital service uses Naviporta’s blockchain infrastructure to which all stakeholders on both sides of the North Sea are linked. The joint use of blockchain technology makes the secure and direct exchange of data with the customs authorities (HM Revenue & Customs) in the UK possible and creates a seamless and fully automated flow of information.

The service has been piloted in the last few months by ABC Logistics and Fresh Produce Centre. As well as cost savings, it sped up processing of documents and goods by at least 20% with a lower risk of errors and better insight into the status of the cargo.

The service is currently being expanded to include the export of more commodities and it is being made available to all UK ports. The service is also being integrated into the Portbase community system in the Netherlands.