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‘Brains trust’ to boost Dover efficiency

[ September 25, 2023   //   ]

The Port of Dover has signed partnerships the Universities of Manchester, Cranfield, Liverpool, and Kent to develop technological solutions including artificial intelligence, machine learning and physics-based deep learning.

Work with the University of Manchester is focused on the development of a digital twin for the Port of Dover, utilising machine learning and physics-based deep learning. Cranfield, Liverpool and Kent will drive operational efficiencies in resource management, traffic flow optimisation, logistics and the supply chain through the port and across the wider region.

The port’s chief commercial officer, Christian Pryce, said: “The Port of Dover’s vision to become a smart, seamless, and sustainable port is fast coming to fruition, but the only way this vision can be realised is through collaboration with first-class thinkers and researchers. These four universities form the first wave of a wide range of partnerships that the Port of Dover plans to establish to help us achieve our ambitions across all areas of our operation and we encourage potential partners to reach out to us with ideas if they think they can support our journey.”