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Brexit – make your voice heard, MP urges transport sector

[ October 17, 2016   //   ]

Stoke-on-Trent South MP and Transport Select Committee member, Rob Flello, says the freight and transport sectors need to decide quickly what their policy is on Brexit or risk not having any say at all. He says he has heard a whole host of demands from different voices in the industry but that the time has come to decide precisely what the priorities are.

“We all know the government is rudderless over Brexit, and frankly hasn’t a clue what its negotiating position is going to be. The final deal, if one is ever reached, will be a mess, and a lot of people will find decisions have been made which dramatically affect how they can do business. It is vital for the transport and freight sectors to work out what their most pressing concerns are and then lobby government hard to ensure that the most basic conditions are met to enable them to trade successfully in future.”

Mr Flello also chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Freight. He says, “This is a £55 billion industry employing one and three-quarter million people and producing 5% of GDP. Its voice must be heard before any deal is struck. Government is so tied up in knots it isn’t going to come along to ask what the industry’s needs are. There has to be a united front from all concerned, beating down the doors in Whitehall and demanding to be listened to before it’s too late.”