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Brexit truckers have second thoughts

[ December 22, 2020   //   ]

Some 30% of hauliers who either voted leave or did not vote at all in the Brexit referendum in 2016 would now vote remain if they could, according to a survey by the online Haulage Exchange.

The UK Hauliers Brexit Transition Deadline study asked employees whether their opinions have changed towards Brexit since the 2016 vote, as well as how prepared they feel for the transition and how it has affected them already. It also found that even before Brexit has kicked in, 36% of UK haulage companies have either made redundancies or lost business.

The study said that 72% of hauliers believe they will be negatively impacted by customs changes and 75% expect to be hit by increased waiting times at the border. Two thirds expect increased time spent in admin in preparation to cross the border.

The study also revealed a low level of preparedness for the changes, with 84% of haulage companies wanting greater clarity from the government about customs changes. Some 62% feel that they need to be more prepared for changes to customs checks when exporting and importing goods to the EU, and 28% of these companies are ‘not at all’ prepared. Only 12% believe they are prepared for customs changes.