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Bringing back borders could cost €3 billion-plus, warn shippers

[ February 17, 2016   //   ]

The European Shippers’ Council has written to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warning that the reintroduction of intra-EU border controls could potentially hamper trade flows within the Union, putting the potential cost of such a move at up to €3 billion. But the the economic damage could be considerably higher if the measures lead to a decrease of intra-European trade volumes.  Moreover,  businesses’ logistics planning will be complicated by unexpected delays at internal borders, which will cause longer lead times.

ESC says that the EU should focus on improving its outer borders, leaving member states to work with businesses to make internal border controls safe and efficient. Only if member states feel comfortable with the level of controls at the outer European border, will they consider lifting controls at the intra EU borders.

For the time being it is very important that border controls  respect the European principle of free traffic of goods. Border control agencies should open separate lanes for commercial vehicles,for instance by allowing commercial vehicles to use emergency lanes and companies that have taken steps to prevent people trafficking should enjoy priority measures.