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UPS are bringing it all back home

[ October 6, 2011   //   ]

UPS is offering two new return services in 30 countries across Europe – including UK – giving businesses and package recipients more control over how they return and exchange shipped items.

UPS Returns Exchange, is a combined delivery and pick-up service that streamlines reverse logistics for businesses. The UPS driver delivers a replacement item while simultaneously picking up the original item marked for return.  The driver also assists the customer in packing the return item in the same box used to deliver the replacement.

In UPS Returns Pack and Collect, customers have a choice of three types of UPS boxes for collection and return of an item.  A driver will take the UPS box and return label to the customer and quickly verify that the item is the correct one to be returned.  The driver then will assist with packing the item and it will be returned to the original shipper through the UPS network.