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British Airways flies aid to India

[ May 5, 2021   //   ]

IAG Cargo’s British Airways flew 27 tonnes of medical aid to Delhi on the evening of 5 May. Some 1,349 items of aid were loaded onto a chartered a B777-200, supported by volunteers from the airline to ensure life-saving supplies reach the country as soon as possible. Charities contributing aid for transit on the flight includethe High Commission of India, Khalsa Aid International and Neasden Hindu Temple (largest Hindu temple outside of India)

The load includes hundreds of oxygen cylinders and shipments oxygen concentrators, respirators and blood oxygen saturation monitors. British Airways is also donating care packages for families in need. 

While IAG Cargo and British Airways have maintained a vital air link between London and India throughout the pandemic, sending aid items on scheduled flights, this air lift is a special charter, fully funded by the two companies.