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British port delays worsen, says visibility firm

[ February 10, 2022   //   ]

Brexit has caused unrelenting delays at UK ports, says Josh Brazil, senior vice president of global supply chain insights at visibility specialist, project44.
Coupled with the crippling effects of Covid, Britain has been “at the eye of the storm for supply chain disruption. Lockdown uncertainty compounded the whirlwind of more stringent Brexit border legislation, meanwhile demand for goods has remained high,” he says.
Data from project44 found, shipment delays from China to Felixstowe increased in January to 3.1 days, up from 2.9 in December. Moreover, container dwell time at the port of Felixstowe increased from 5.1 to 6.3 days, a European high.
He added that visibility of end-to-end data can reduce and remove bottlenecks and slow the domino effect of costs along the supply chain.