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British ports deliver for UK plc

[ September 12, 2019   //   ]

Ports bring £9.7 billion of direct value to the UK economy, 115,000 direct jobs within the sector in 2018 and 431,000 in the wider supply chain plus 277,000 through wider spending – a total of 822,000 – according to research commissioned by the British Ports Association and UK Major Ports Group.

Each job is 55% more productive than the UK average, according to report, which was produced by the Centre for Economics & Business Research (CEBR).

British Ports Association chairman and chief executive of the Port of Blyth, Martin Lawlor, said: “Ports are the foundation of the entire marine economy – it matters that the industry continues to deliver. Unlike some parts of the world, UK ports do all of this at no cost to the taxpayer. Last year we delivered £5.3bn to the exchequer and supporting £46 billion of GVA. That is an incredible achievement: 20% higher than 2010 and forecast to grow another 15% in the next five years.”