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EU Commission hails UCC

[ April 30, 2016   //   ]

EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs Pierre Moscovici, has welcomed introduction of the Union Customs Code on 1 May, saying that it would “open the door to new state-of-the-art IT systems that will provide fast and quality data on goods being traded and will allow extremely close coordination among the administrations of our Member States“.

He predicted that the new UCC would put in place IT systems for simple and fast clearance of customs procedures while also ensuring that all necessary checks and controls are carried out. “The new rules are the outcome of a rigorous and comprehensive dialogue involving all partners,” he added.

The Customs Union is unique in the world, Moscovici continued. “Once cleared by Customs in one Member State, goods can move freely within the Union on the basis that all member states apply the same revenue and protection rules at external borders.”

Customs also plays an important role in the fight against terrorism by checking for the illegal firearms and against illegal trade in works of art and cultural goods, along with protecting consumers against dangerous goods. “Appropriate controls require fast, high-quality and updated information and sound coordination among the customs administrations of our member states,” Moscovici concluded.

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