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Business – but not workers – remain upbeat about Brexit deal

[ December 15, 2020   //   ]

UK businesses remain optimistic that a deal will be struck between the UK and EU in the coming days, according to a survey by lender MarketFinance, which interviewed 5,000 UK owners last week.

Some 61% are optimistic that the UK government will be able to strike a Brexit deal with their European counterparts in the coming days.

Looking ahead to life after Brexit, the biggest immediate challenges to follow  would be at the border. UK business owners ranked lack of clarity on new border control processes as the greatest challenge followed by delays in sending and receiving goods, and uncertainty about demand for goods and services in European markets.

Most businesses anticipate delays of 1-2 weeks in processing goods at borders because of changes to processes.

However, a survey by customs clearance platform KlearNow of workers in the sector was less optimistic. If said that 51% of people employed in the logistics sector are expecting their jobs to become more difficult as a result of Brexit, with six in 10 fearing for the mental health of themselves and their colleagues, according to new research.

The study of 1,177 UK workers also found that 31% of those involved in logistics think consumers will suffer as a result of poor customs infrastructure.

Some 45% of those questioned in the sector said they believed ‘the UK’s customs infrastructure will struggle with the increased import and export paperwork’ and 39% say UK businesses are insufficiently prepared for post-Brexit trading.