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Businesses call for action to cut German cargo theft

[ February 14, 2018   //   ]

German business associations have called for action to tackle growing cargo thefts in the country which, according to a new report, are now running at €1.3 billion a year.

According to an analysis, led by the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) cargo from almost 26,000 trucks is stolen in Germany every year, an average of one every 20 minutes. Further damages of €900 million are caused by penalties for delivery delays, the cost of replacing stolen products and repairing damage to vehicles.

One of the biggest challenges identified in the report is the low level of reporting and recording of cargo thefts in Germany, and the fact that many of the incidents of thefts from vehicles in Germany involve trucks which are registered and insured in other European countries.

The associations are urging the authorities to put more pressure on international criminal organisations and step up their presence at service stations.