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Calculator at the ready

[ November 10, 2016   //   ]

Online marketplace Freightos has launched its Freight Rate Calculator , claimed as the first and only instant, multimodal international freight calculator that taps into live market rates to offer real-time FCL, LCL, air and trucking door-to-door freight estimates. It is currently being launched as a public beta version. Freight says that it will bring “a new level of transparency to a massive critical industry which until now has been opaque.”

Shippers can get immediate freight rate estimates for ocean, air, and trucking shipments with the optional ability to book some of those rates on the Freightos Marketplace. The Calculator uses routing and pricing algorithms to calculate fees and surcharges for trucking, air and ocean shipping, calculating anticipated ranges for shipping along different lanes by a variety of modes. An alternative version also exists which provides freight shipping estimates directly to Amazon warehouses.

(The next printed issue of FBJ (FBJ 8 2016) will include an in-depth interview with Freightos director of marketing, Eytan Buchman.)