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Celtic Forwarding gains enhanced AEO status

[ October 3, 2012   //   ]

Celtic Forwarding has been awarded an enhanced AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certification, opening the way for the company to take advantage of simplified safety, security and customs procedures.

The company was assisted in the AEO application process by customs compliance specialist, Croke Consulting.

The latter pointed out that AEO certified companies stand to gain major benefits, especially with the recent mutual recognition agreement between the EU and the US, while the EU and Japan have also agreed mutual recognition. Similar arrangements between the EU, Canada, China and Russia will be finalised shortly, it added.

According to EU and US authorities, mutual recognition agreements “will bring huge benefits for certified businesses and traders in terms of reduced costs and time delays, less red tape and greater ease and predictability in the movement of their goods”, said a Croke Consulting spokesman. It would also open up new trade opportunities for certified companies. At the same time, it would allow customs authorities to focus their resources on real risks and would help to improve supply chain security.


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