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Ceva offers rail-sea service from China to Immingham

[ May 4, 2021   //   ]

Ceva Logistics has launched a rail sea service from Xi’an, central China, to Immingham offering a port-to-port delivery time of 20 days. The pilot shipment of 25 containers left Xi’an by block train on 18 March for Kaliningrad, where the cargo was reloaded the same day onto a vessel that arrived in Immingham on 6 April. More trials will follow in May, with regular service starting by early June. CEVA’s aim for port-to-port delivery times is 18-20 days, with door-to-door delivery times not exceeding 25 days.

CEVA Logistics also upgraded its existing express block train from Xi’an to Mukran with a high-speed and high-security premium service every Thursday. In addition, it will begin operating an additional regular block train on 1 June from Xi’an to Duisburg via Malaszewicze, Poland, with a port-to-port delivery time of 15 days.

Over the past two years, Ceva has accelerated its ground and rail solutions from China to Europe, most recently in January with a regular connection to Dourges, France. It has dispatched more than 50 block trains from the port of Xi’an since May 2020.

Ceva Logistics’ Global Ground and Rail Product Leader, Xavier Bour, said: “The Suez Canal crisis has highlighted the risks associated with single-mode, single-route transport, and our recent developments of more block trains, new routings and premium services are available, offering responsive logistics solutions to our customers and supporting them in achieving secure and cost-effective supply chains.”