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Ceva signs driverless trucks deal

[ March 9, 2022   //   ]

Ceva Logistics has teamed up with self-driving trucking company Kodiak Robotics, to deliver freight autonomously between Dallas Fort-Worth and Austin; and Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. They will be the first-ever companies to deliver freight autonomously in the state of Oklahoma.

Ceva delivered its first load with Kodiak in November 2021 and is moving goods weekly on the 200 mile freight lane between Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin, Texas. The companies expanded the partnership in February 2022 with a new route between Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma City on the freight-rich Interstate 35 corridor.

Kodiak Driver self-driving technology is purpose-built for long-haul trucks, and incorporates Full Range Radar, 360-degree scanning and a range of cameras to capture and process hundreds of megabytes of perception data each second. These sensors allow the truck to “see” long-range and all around the vehicle in a wide variety of weather conditions, enabling safe operation at highway speeds.

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