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Change is in the air

[ August 3, 2022   //   ]

Aviation will see radical change over the next century with new power sources, increased efficiency, and sustainability, argues the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK – CILT(UK)­ in a briefing paper published on 3 August.

It says that while many opportunities exist in the air freight market, support for the radical changes that are imminent will be imperative if the UK is to play a leading role in the increasingly rapid and clean transportation of goods.

Produced by the Institute’s Aviation Policy Group, and authored by Written by aviation expert Dr Sally Dixon it highlights areas where policy makers in government and industry can help support UK cargo aviation.

Whilst passenger air transportation is more widely understood, the paper has been produced to help make the UK air freight industry more visible and less impenetrable.

Dr Dixon said: “The crisis deriving from the Covid-19 pandemic has stimulated rapid growth in air cargo. Unprecedented growth in e-commerce and the need for rapid deployment of PPE, vaccines, medicines, and medical equipment is driving modernisation and innovation in the sector. However, policy issues, labour and skills shortages must be addressed if the UK is to maintain its global competitiveness.”

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