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Chapman Freeborn keeps vital cargo moving

[ March 26, 2020   //   ]

Charter broker Chapman Freeborn said in late March that it had has experienced a surge in cargo requests for humanitarian cargo and medical supplies from China into Europe and Africa. It came after an extremely busy week of EU-US rotations to counter the demand created by President Trump’s passenger travel ban – utilising in-house assets to bring capacity to the market.

Now, broker teams across Chapman Freeborn’s European and African offices are working with their counterparts in China and Singapore to facilitate hundreds of tons of critical aid supplies into affected areas.

China is the world’s largest producer of medical face masks, with over 100 million manufactured per day (increased by around 500% since the beginning of the pandemic).

Chapman Freeborn cargo director, Pierre Vanders, comments: “We are all extremely busy with requests for urgent cargo leaving China. Not only our European and African offices but our offices in North America also. The biggest issue that we’re facing is capacity – there is a real shortage. However, we’ve managed to fix a number of immediate flights using cancellations (due to transit delays within China).”