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Check before you load that container

[ June 17, 2021   //   ]

Current pressures in the global supply chain should not be allowed to lead to the widespread use of inferior container equipment that does not comply with industry standards, warns Mike Yarwood, managing director for loss prevention at insurers, the TT Club.

The Club is warning against cutting corners when it comes structural integrity, cleanliness and cargo-worthiness of units loaded.

Mr Yarwood says that this challenging period should be an opportunity to reflect on the roles and responsibilities defined within the Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTU Code), as well as the safety of containers and their suitability for the intended cargo.

TT Club has for long promoted the use of the CTU Code and together with its colleagues in the Cargo Integrity Group have also produced a Quick Guide  which includes a user-friendly container packing check list which asks loaders to check if the unit is free from soil or other visible infestation, whether the exterior in good condition and that it has a valid approval plate.—a-quick-guide/